The Twilight Vampire Phenomenon

A teenage girl named Bella is leaving the big city and all she left behind to move in with her father who lives in a small town known for its gloomy weather. Since her parents have separated (divorced), Bella has decided to leave custody of her mother and live with her father so that he can be the primary guardian. In the novels we see everything from her perspective as she tries to settle into her new life. On her first day at school Bella becomes quite popular and receives quite a bit of unwanted attention. However there is one boy at the school who appears (at first) to be seemingly uninterested in her. In fact the boy appears to harbor a extreme dislike for her, but one day he vanishes for a bit.

The name of the mysterious boy’s name is Edward. At times described by Twilight fans as “moody”and “complex”. Of course in the movie Bella falls for Edward due to his “supposed” unattainability. But he also saves her life, frustrates her and changes her life forever in the small town with more excitement and danger than she ever thought possible. Bella soon learns that there are dangers are out there that have no moral qualms of making her their breakfast/lunch and dinner and so falls under the protection of Edward.

Some unanswered questions

Of course it seems the whole Twilight series seemed to be written primarily for women. Interestingly it seems that Bella appeals to the insecure, dependent demographic (which may or may not live with a full litter of cats). Also there is the question of why a one hundred year old vampire is hanging out in a high school? I guess because the older Edward gets, high school girls always stay the same age? Another thing which seems slightly baffling is why the vampires seem to be able to stay out in daylight. Also are the vampires allergic to garlic? And even though the vampires are powerful can they be killed with a stake in the heart like typical vampires?

Romantic stereotypical plotlines

“Vampire Academy” and “Marked” grabbed a huge segment of the young female adult population. Despite the modern age’s cynical stance on real life romance. The stereotypical “forbidden love”, “unavoidable danger” and “vampire wooing and swooning” has created many female fans of this vampire saga. From male perspectives the characters seem awfully flat and one dimensional, Bella is the clingy insecure female who Edward finds annoying as hell and first avoids because of his burning blood lust for her, but then after just simply lusts after her

The suggested reading target

The Twilight series is suggested for readers 13 and older. There is violence in the novels but nothing graphic. The same can be same for the romance parts of the book.

Twilight was published by Little, Brown and Company, a Division of Hachette Book Group, ISBN 978-0-316-03837-9.

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Beacon Verse Series (Article Three) ‘ The Battle ‘

The Battle ©
I always seek

To do what I thinks right,

But, sometimes, I get weak

When it gets night…

I usually say that I won’t go

And do those things again;

Too often, though

It seems, that I give in…

I guess, perhaps,

That’s what life’s all about,

To take your slaps

And know the knife of doubt;

Then, when you think that you can’t cope,

Can’t get back up again,

To find some hope

And try, once more, to win…

What really counts the most

Is if we try;

Sometimes, we get to boast,

And, sometimes, cry…

So, when ‘ The Battle ‘ rages

And there’s no peace in your head,

It’s ‘ The Battle ‘ of the ages

Fought by millions now long dead…

If it’s any help to know,

You’re not alone;

That we each face a foe

That’s not our own…

Our own lines of demarcation,

We each wage a war with sin;

Feel the same frustration,

Fight ‘ The Battle ‘ of within…

The above poem was published in 1977 as Beacon©

Verse by Russ Miles.

When, a dozen years later, I was set free from ‘ The Battle ‘, I wrote this last verse to include in any of the remaining copies that I had removed from the market place after suffering “An attack of conscience” in 1979.

Well, at last, ‘ The Battle’s ‘ ended

In the night…

Not the way that I’d intended,

Through my might…

A peace treaty has been rendered,

Yes, a victory has been won…

It came after I’d surrendered

To God’s One and Only Son…

My disappointment was that most of the buyers of my “Limited Edition” ~ 1,000 copy ~ poetry books would never read the final verse. Without hope, they would go on believing that they were hopelessly locked into an endless engagement with lust.

God’s Holy Spirit had delivered me from ‘ The Battle ‘ with that sin. I was totally in love with my own wife, and I couldn’t even conceive of having relations with another woman.

Well, that was also a long time ago. Now in 2006, I find myself once again single, back into ‘ The Battle ‘, or called back to the front lines. Perhaps, if I had kept my attention focused on God, and His Son Jesus, I would have developed the other characteristics that would have preserved my marriage that ended five years ago? God only knows.

I do know, I am but a mere mortal ~ with a Supreme Being Master ~ that knew the way I would be, foreknew the paths that I would take, and He loves me anyway. I look with eager anticipation to the day when I am once more delivered from the ‘ The Battle ‘, again in a good marriage or loving relationship. Hopefully, by then, I’ll have millions of links into my website when I am called forth to my Maker ~ and will walk boldly before His throne of “Grace.”

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